Android Nougat is Ready for Nexus and Pixel 6!

A good news for all android mania, for those who use the Nexus products such as Nexus 5X, Nexus 6, Nexus 9, Nexus Player and Pixel C, the updated android OS, Nougat is ready to hit those android phones. Android Nougat 7.1 is the most updated of android OS so far and will be tested first for Nexus series. Devices which is in the beta will obtain the Android N developer preview “automatically.” As the alternative, it’s available for manual download and manual installation from the Android developer website. To access Android 7.1.1 now, users must have one of the above mentioned eligible devices and register for Google’s Android Beta Program. Once in the program, your smartphone or tablet will obtain the update on wireless mode. The customers can also install it manually.

Vodafone Australia, according to the news obtained from Ubergizmo, has set the release date of Nougat 7.1 for Nexus 6P this December 2016.

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4 Best Family Games in Android

In today’s era, people’s daily life is always integrated with technology. Almost all of the activities are using technology to help your activities run well. Android is one of the most fenomenal invention in technology in this 21st century. It provides you the best mobile service such as maps, games, office processing and many more. But what about if, for example, your children use your android device to play the games? Or, you give them the android gadget to be played at home? Don’t make a mistake by allowing them to download every single games they found in Google Play Store. As the parents, for example, you need to be selective in giving them the android games which are suitable for their age. Today, I want to share to you about 4 best family games in android. you can use this article as your reference so that you will not be wrong in choosing the android games for your children.

Actually, there are many android games available in Google Play Store, but some of them are not suitable for your children, it is maybe because the graphic which contains violance, because it’s too difficult for children age, or because it’s grades are too long that will make your children be addictive to the games. Those 4 games below that I will discuss to you are not on those negative criteria. So, let’s check them one by one!

1. Strawberry Shortcake SweetShop


Strawberry Shortcake SweetShop is a game which presents someone in the game who invites her friends to try the cotton candy with the new strawberry taste, and she needs your help. You are challanged to be a chief to formulate the recipe of cotton candy and dessert. This game’ssize is 58.85 MB and you can download it directly on Google Play Store.

2. Fish Live


This game is suitable for the fish lovers! In this game you are challenged to take the your fishes in aquarium. You also can decorate your aquarium and determine everything related to your aquarium so that the appearance will be excellent and it will invite people to come to your house and see your aquarium.

3. Baby Hazel Dolphin Tour


This games tells about the holiday of Baby Hazel. Hazel’s family has determined to go to dolphine park to enjoy the amazing life of dolphines. You can go there to enjoy the attraction by dolphines while acting as Baby Hazel, interact with the dolphines and find many facts about this mamalia.

4. Littlest Pet Shop


Join with the world of animals here! You can collect some of your pets there and you should help “Blythe” and his friends to adopt, take care, and entertain their pets there. At least 150 pets can be adopted here such as cats, dogs, bears and many more.


Image’s Thumbnail Doesn’t Appear in Windows 7? Here is The Solution

Solving image that does not appear in thumbnail mode actually is not very difficult. But indeed sometimes we are made so confused by this problem, in fact none of the image files are damaged. This problem is mostly found in Windows 7 operating system.

My friend has experienced this condition few days ago and he faced confusion of how to restore it to normal. He said “Windows Explorer does not appear to make any effort to populate the missing thumbnails, and there is no appreciable CPU usage. I can leave a window with missing thumbnails open all night and they will still never appear.” The tutorial that I will share to you today will help you to fix your thumbnail previews which cannot appear in Windows File Explorer and show you how to enable it.

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Why Are Crack, Keygen, And Patch Often Considered As Viruses By Anti-Virus?

Let’s get started from the question that became the title of this post. I tried to find out the answers from variety of sources. Let’s discuss first about virus.

Why virus?

Because those crack, keygen, and patch work almost similar with viruses, they differ in the usage only.


A computer virus is a computer program that can multiple or self copy and spreading by inserting its own copies into another program or documents. This virus works similar as biological virus, which spreading through inserting into living cells. Computer viruses is destructive (e.g. by destroying the data on the document), disturb users. Surprisingly there are viruses that cause any effect at all.

Initially, viruses were created to test how tough of a program generated. However, as time goes by, the viruses were often misused and designed to harm.

The viruses work depends on their purposes. We are not going to elaborate them here.

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Why My I-Phone Won’t Charge? Here are Some Causes

Hello all! Today I would like to share about the causes of your I-Phone won’t charge. By the way, I am an I-Phone user and the problem of “won’t charge” is almost a common problem for all I-Phone users. We need to know the causes of this problem and through this article I would like to share my experience.

1) Check out the lightning cable

This is something that I do when my I-Phone doesn’t charge, I check the lightning cable and determine whether or not there is something wrong with it. You can check it by looking closer to the end part of USB port. I-Phone cable is easy to be fraying, if you find something wrong on the end part of your I-Phone’s USB cable, maybe it’s the time to buy the new one. If you’re not sure that the cause of uncharged I-Phone is a fraying USB cable, try to test it by connecting the cable and your I-Phone with computer. If the computer responds the I-Phone connection it means something doesn’t happen on your cable, but if the lightning cable has been plugged and there is no response, it means there is something wrong with the cable.

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Don’t do These 4 Things on Your Android Phone!

Smartphone becomes a compulsory device for all people today. Many people use smartphone to help their daily activity and android phone has become one of the best smartphones in today’s era. To sustain the performance of their android, usually the user uses many applications to protect their android phone.

You can mention that one by one; downloading the antivirus apps, cleaner apps, defrag apps and many more. But the thing that we need to ask is that; is it necessary for our android phone? Sometimes even what we do to our android can impact negatively. Therefore, using smartphone also requires a wise consideration. Here are 4 things that you should not do to your android phone:

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4 Signs You Are Already Weary Of Blogging


Blogging or running a blog has become a trend among internet users for a few years now.  There are many reasons why someone started a blog, can be for sharing hobby and information or for a job. Most of the time, blogger will spent their time writing new articles for their blog. Writing takes time, because to make an original content, a research will be needed.

But blogger is a human too. That is why there will be moments where they will get tired of writing blog, eventhough they love blogging. Boredom can be caused by the fact that they spent too much time in front of computer or because of doing repetitive activities.

When a blogger is already tired of blogging activity, then they should stop for a while to rest and do something else to refresh themselves. Unfortunately, not all bloggers realize about their own condition and eventually force themselves to continue writing. Forcing themselves to write in that kind of condition will impact the quality of their writing to decline. Low quality blog posts will likely decrease the number of visitors gradually.

Here are the signs that you have to stop writing and take a rest:

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Introducing New Lite App From Facebook, Messenger Lite

Previously, Facebook released a lite version of Facebook called Facebook Lite, which is smaller in size and simpler in design than the regular Facebook application. Now, Facebook released another lite version of their other application, Messenger Lite. The developer said that this lite version of Messenger was made for user with slow internet connection or user who owned smartphone with low specifications.

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