4 Best Family Games in Android

In today’s era, people’s daily life is always integrated with technology. Almost all of the activities are using technology to help your activities run well. Android is one of the most fenomenal invention in technology in this 21st century. It provides you the best mobile service such as maps, games, office processing and many more. But what about if, for example, your children use your android device to play the games? Or, you give them the android gadget to be played at home? Don’t make a mistake by allowing them to download every single games they found in Google Play Store. As the parents, for example, you need to be selective in giving them the android games which are suitable for their age. Today, I want to share to you about 4 best family games in android. you can use this article as your reference so that you will not be wrong in choosing the android games for your children.

Actually, there are many android games available in Google Play Store, but some of them are not suitable for your children, it is maybe because the graphic which contains violance, because it’s too difficult for children age, or because it’s grades are too long that will make your children be addictive to the games. Those 4 games below that I will discuss to you are not on those negative criteria. So, let’s check them one by one!

1. Strawberry Shortcake SweetShop


Strawberry Shortcake SweetShop is a game which presents someone in the game who invites her friends to try the cotton candy with the new strawberry taste, and she needs your help. You are challanged to be a chief to formulate the recipe of cotton candy and dessert. This game’ssize is 58.85 MB and you can download it directly on Google Play Store.

2. Fish Live


This game is suitable for the fish lovers! In this game you are challenged to take the your fishes in aquarium. You also can decorate your aquarium and determine everything related to your aquarium so that the appearance will be excellent and it will invite people to come to your house and see your aquarium.

3. Baby Hazel Dolphin Tour


This games tells about the holiday of Baby Hazel. Hazel’s family has determined to go to dolphine park to enjoy the amazing life of dolphines. You can go there to enjoy the attraction by dolphines while acting as Baby Hazel, interact with the dolphines and find many facts about this mamalia.

4. Littlest Pet Shop


Join with the world of animals here! You can collect some of your pets there and you should help “Blythe” and his friends to adopt, take care, and entertain their pets there. At least 150 pets can be adopted here such as cats, dogs, bears and many more.

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