4 Signs You Are Already Weary Of Blogging


Blogging or running a blog has become a trend among internet users for a few years now.  There are many reasons why someone started a blog, can be for sharing hobby and information or for a job. Most of the time, blogger will spent their time writing new articles for their blog. Writing takes time, because to make an original content, a research will be needed.

But blogger is a human too. That is why there will be moments where they will get tired of writing blog, eventhough they love blogging. Boredom can be caused by the fact that they spent too much time in front of computer or because of doing repetitive activities.

When a blogger is already tired of blogging activity, then they should stop for a while to rest and do something else to refresh themselves. Unfortunately, not all bloggers realize about their own condition and eventually force themselves to continue writing. Forcing themselves to write in that kind of condition will impact the quality of their writing to decline. Low quality blog posts will likely decrease the number of visitors gradually.

Here are the signs that you have to stop writing and take a rest:

Having A Writer’s Block

The first sign is having a writer’s block. Writer’s block is a condition where a writer unable to think of what to write or how to proceed with writing. After a few days of writing articles continuously, blogger can experience this condition. Of course that is not the only reason why someone is having a writer’s block, because searching for ideas itself is not an easy task.

Keep Making Typos

Another sign that you are already tired is that the blogger keeps making typo or misspelled while writing. Of course, even in normal condition, it is still possible for a blogger to make a typo, but if it happens too often than usual, then it is unhealthy.

Boredom and tiredness generally caused the decreased of concentration, so blogger will pay less attention to the spelling of the words they use in their writing. The result is an unprofessional looking article that is full of misspelled words. For example, you wanted to type the word “dog” but you ended up typing “god”.

Have A Hard Time Composing Words

You find it difficult to string words into a sentence. Be careful, it might be a sign that you are already weary. However, each blogger will have a different standard, depends on their ability. For example, if bloggers that never have trouble in forming sentence inside or outside blogging activity, suddenly have a hard time, it means they need to rest.

Have A Hard Time To Concentrate While Writing

The last sign is when a blogger start to lose focus and concentration while writing. If you experience this, then you should not force yourself to continue writing. Because, the better your concentration skill, then the better condition of your mind so that you can produce high quality article. Contrary, the more distraction that comes to you when writing article, will make you more immersed in weariness and stress.

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