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Why My I-Phone Won’t Charge? Here are Some Causes

Hello all! Today I would like to share about the causes of your I-Phone won’t charge. By the way, I am an I-Phone user and the problem of “won’t charge” is almost a common problem for all I-Phone users. We need to know the causes of this problem and through this article I would like to share my experience.

1) Check out the lightning cable

This is something that I do when my I-Phone doesn’t charge, I check the lightning cable and determine whether or not there is something wrong with it. You can check it by looking closer to the end part of USB port. I-Phone cable is easy to be fraying, if you find something wrong on the end part of your I-Phone’s USB cable, maybe it’s the time to buy the new one. If you’re not sure that the cause of uncharged I-Phone is a fraying USB cable, try to test it by connecting the cable and your I-Phone with computer. If the computer responds the I-Phone connection it means something doesn’t happen on your cable, but if the lightning cable has been plugged and there is no response, it means there is something wrong with the cable.

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