Don’t do These 4 Things on Your Android Phone!

Smartphone becomes a compulsory device for all people today. Many people use smartphone to help their daily activity and android phone has become one of the best smartphones in today’s era. To sustain the performance of their android, usually the user uses many applications to protect their android phone.

You can mention that one by one; downloading the antivirus apps, cleaner apps, defrag apps and many more. But the thing that we need to ask is that; is it necessary for our android phone? Sometimes even what we do to our android can impact negatively. Therefore, using smartphone also requires a wise consideration. Here are 4 things that you should not do to your android phone:

a) Use a task killer and kill the apps manually

Often, we as the user close or stop the apps through “recent app menu” to kill the operation of the apps in the background. Like it or not, this step will affect the performance of your android. It is highly suggested to let the regularly-opened apps to stay the same without any “killing” option on recent app menu. When you use regularly-opened apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc, some of the memory are kept on the RAM. Killing the apps suddenly will make the cache data on RAM will be deleted automatically and you will lose all data on your killed apps so that you need to re-login. This re-login process will even makes RAM works harder.


b) Use more than one anti-virus apps

There is a misperception among android users; the more anti-virus you have, the safer your android will be. Actually that even makes your android is in negative condition. You need to bare in your mind that anti-virus apps use the RAM, and when it works, it will work in backround and it means, it will force your battery to work harder. The more anti-virus apps you download, the more you will lose your memory and battery power. It is highly suggested for you to only have one anti-virus app.


c) Ignore the software update

Sometimes some users also ignore the software update. Software update is important because usually, the updates include the improvement/completion of some files on your android and deleting some bug problems. It is even highly suggested for you to set the software update into “automatic update” so that your software and hardware inside will keep up-to-date and far from the danger such as malware, virus, etc.


d) Downloading the apps from untrusted source or website

This step is very risky actually. Some of the apps which are downloaded not from Google Play Store may contain virus or malware that can endanger your android phone. It is only in Google Play Store, the security is 100% guaranteed. The installation from untrusted source will affect the security of your data on your android.


So, those are the 4 things that you need to avoid on your android smartphone. You need to do the recommendations above so that your android phone will be safer and protected.

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