Image’s Thumbnail Doesn’t Appear in Windows 7? Here is The Solution

Solving image that does not appear in thumbnail mode actually is not very difficult. But indeed sometimes we are made so confused by this problem, in fact none of the image files are damaged. This problem is mostly found in Windows 7 operating system.

My friend has experienced this condition few days ago and he faced confusion of how to restore it to normal. He said “Windows Explorer does not appear to make any effort to populate the missing thumbnails, and there is no appreciable CPU usage. I can leave a window with missing thumbnails open all night and they will still never appear.” The tutorial that I will share to you today will help you to fix your thumbnail previews which cannot appear in Windows File Explorer and show you how to enable it.

Whenever you open Explorer and view images, you see the miniature of the image in its icons place. These are called Thumbnails. But if you see only its default icon, then this post will help you fix the issue.

The cause of why the images you have can not be displayed in thumbnails mode is that there is a change in settings. For details, it also can happen due to viruses or anything that can change the display settings of your Windows 7. This small problem is sometimes we let to happen, but it would be very damaging if we do not know how to solve it.

Sometimes we just directly delete the damaged images, it’s quite risky whereas the problems are not that serious. Or sometimes even we re-install our computer in assumption that there is a virus, it is indeed a bit exaggerated too, and in fact, the problem is not that big.


Steps to solve the problem of image thumbnails which do not appear in Windows 7:

  • Open Windows Explorer. Then click the Organize menu that normally exist in the upper left.
  • Select the Folder and search options.
  • In the window that appears, click the View menu tab.
  • Uncheck in Always show icons, never thumbnails.
  • Give the check on the Display file icon on thumbnails.
  • Click Apply or OK.


After that, you may check the image whether the thumbnails of image have appeared. Or, maybe you don’t see the changing at all, you may restart your computer and re-check the images. If it is successful, you may open the image files to see it and enlarge it. It’s quite simple method anyway, but sometimes we don’t know these steps.

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