Introducing New Lite App From Facebook, Messenger Lite

Previously, Facebook released a lite version of Facebook called Facebook Lite, which is smaller in size and simpler in design than the regular Facebook application. Now, Facebook released another lite version of their other application, Messenger Lite. The developer said that this lite version of Messenger was made for user with slow internet connection or user who owned smartphone with low specifications.

Offered Standard Messaging Function

In a statement released by Facebook’s official blog, Messenger Lite for Android has been released and can be used by users in some countries. This version of Messenger is suitable for those who have the old version of Android devices as well as those who have slow internet connection.

Regarding the functions offered by the lite version, it already includes the standard messaging necessities like sending text messages, photos, links and stickers.

Currently, Messenger Lite is only available in some countries, Kenya, Tunisia, Malaysia, Sri Langka and Venezuela. But in the next few months, Facebook said that Messenger Lite will be available worldwide.

Being a Successor of Facebook Lite

Facebook’s step to increasingly dominates mobile application market is very clear after the released of the lite version of their messaging application, Messenger. Looking back, in 2015, Facebook also released lite application for Android and iOS operating system.

This version still provides the usual services for users but with some restrictions, such as the use of data for video content, location tag and the visual quality is lower. For size, the lite version is very thrifty, which is only around 1MB.

Turns out, that lite version got a very good appreciation from users, with the number of downloads of more than 100 million active users in just 9 months after the release. In fact, according to Facebook, Facebook Lite booked a record for app with the fastest increase in the number of users among all Facebook applications.


Competition Between All Messenger Application

At this point, Facebook already has two strong points in the realm of messaging application competition, namely Messenger and WhatsApp. With these two applications, Facebook, arguably, owns almost half of the messaging application market, worldwide.

But, does that stop Facebook from making another innovation and making a further development for their applications? Certainly not. There are still many loopholes that can be done to further strengthen Facebook position as one of the giant in internet industry.

This is proof that working field of mobile application developers is unlimited. Likewise for Facebook, which is the most active digital company in term of service development. Naturally, they definitely want to take advantage of all the opportunities that exist.

Facebook Ingenious Strategy

It is a common knowledge that one of the strategies employed by Facebook to get a large user base for their applications, is by forcing their application users to download additional application to get the most optimal services.

At that time, Facebook had not yet separating their messaging service from their main application. But after seeing there is a market potential in online messaging service, this company, cleverly, separated their messaging service into a separate application.

Inevitably, users who want to keep using messaging service will have to download their messaging application. This kind of strategy is proven to be effective for a large scale developers like Facebook.

However, if this kind strategy is applied to a services that have not become a main requirement for users, the result will be different. In fact, it is possible that such strategy will only kill the development.

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