Why Are Crack, Keygen, And Patch Often Considered As Viruses By Anti-Virus?

Let’s get started from the question that became the title of this post. I tried to find out the answers from variety of sources. Let’s discuss first about virus.

Why virus?

Because those crack, keygen, and patch work almost similar with viruses, they differ in the usage only.


A computer virus is a computer program that can multiple or self copy and spreading by inserting its own copies into another program or documents. This virus works similar as biological virus, which spreading through inserting into living cells. Computer viruses is destructive (e.g. by destroying the data on the document), disturb users. Surprisingly there are viruses that cause any effect at all.

Initially, viruses were created to test how tough of a program generated. However, as time goes by, the viruses were often misused and designed to harm.

The viruses work depends on their purposes. We are not going to elaborate them here.


Antivirus is a type of software that is used to secure, detect, and remove computer viruses from the computer system. Antivirus is also called as Virus Protection Software. This application can determine whether a computer system has been infected from a virus or not. Generally, this software runs in the background and performs scanning of all accessed files (files thar are opened, modified, or stored).

The latest antiviruses now not only detect the virus. An antivirus software is now also equipped with the ability to detect spyware, rootkits, and malwares. Further, the antivirus is now equipped with a firewall to protect computers from hacker attacks and equipped with anti-spam to prevent the influx of junk mail and / or virus to the user’s inbox.

Bitdefender Performance
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One of my favorite and best antivirus is Bitdefender.


Crack  means fractional / cracks. Just like the meaning, crack is a part of softwares that the content is been changed by person / group (wikipedia). Mostly, the parts changed by a cracker are in form of executable files (* .exe) of a software, but some of them also change in form of the library file (* .dll). Therefore, generally the cracked files extension are in form of (* .exe) or (* .dll). It is also the weakness of a crack; most cracks are not applicable to the different software versions.

Crack works not only to make the software into a full version; some of them also help a running softwere with CD / DVD so that it won’t need to use a CD or DVD any longer.

Patch / Patcher

Patch in the world of PC gaming is a patch / update of a software to fix errors/ bugs in the world of software piracy, these patches is functioning to write the data in the software and registry especially on the executable file of the software. There is also a crack that writes on the registry. The good thing from patch is that some patches can be used on different versions of softwares. 


Keygen stands for Key Generator. A program that can generate a serial number for a software. Serial numbers generated by Keygen are different from each other, but they are similar in pattern. Simply, Keygen tries to combine data in order to create a pattern of a valid serial number from software.

Then why are crack, patch and keygen considered as viruses?

There are various answers to the questions above. One of the reasons is that the way they work is almost identical as viruses. Crack, Patch and Keygen are able to “alter” the system registry of software or from the user’s computer. It makes antivirus immediately react to crack, patches, and keygen.

Aside from how they work, it is also important to consider the script model being used. Knowing that the crack, patch and keygen have an adverse impact on software companies, it is possible that they react by assuming that those crack, patch and keygen as viruses. It can be detected from the similar contents (pattern) of crack, patch and keygen, so that they are considered viruses.

How dangerous are Crack, Patch and Keygen for your computer?

It takes a careful thought to anwer the question above. Because what you download as crack, patch and keygen are not always crack, patch and keygen. Perhaps, the maker intentionally inserts a virus on your computer, who knows. This can really dangerous for users.

Apart from that, most of crack, patch and keygen are not harmful for your computer. The initial goal of creating them was to make the full version of either the paid or trial software (no virus injected). However, the most obvious fact is that they are very dangerous for producers of softwares.

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